Menstruation and HCG Injections

If you are a woman and you are making use of HCG injections so you can shed some pounds, you will want to refrain from using HCG until you are through with your menstrual cycle for the month.  Using the product during your menstrual cycle can lead to physical side effects like the experience of dizziness, the sensation of fatigue, and you may feel cold, tired, and hungry; this is because you are dealing with hormonal fluctuations, a loss and rebuilding of blood, and a low calorie diet along with the changes inside the body that HCG injections produce.  Basically, your body is being over worked and you might shed a pound or two during your cycle, but the side effects really aren’t worth it.

Some women end up using injections while they have their period and not getting any side effects at all; some women only stop using injections when they are undergoing a very heavy flow day and experience no issues, but this is not the case for everyone.  It is better to begin the protocol, diet, and injections following your period so you can do the injections without having to interrupt them.  There have been some females who have noticed an increase in menstrual discomfort, an increase in flow, and the formation of larger clots when continuing to make use of HCG injections during the female menstrual cycle too.  At minimum, it is advised that one cease using HCG during heavy flow days to reduce the potential for side effects.

According to the creator of this innovative dieting method, Dr. Simeons, you should not make use of any injections while you have your period because it places the body under undue hardship and strain.  If you start injections or continue them when you have your cycle you might experience tremendous hunger.  The moment your cycle ends you should commence to using the injections once more to avoid undesired hunger cravings too.

Dieters have found the greatest success by strictly adhering to the advice offered in Pounds and Inches.  It should also be duly noted that when a woman gets her period the progesterone levels in the body are naturally elevated; the increase in this naturally occurring hormone ends up preventing the isolation of fat so that it can be shed.  Women don’t need to be concerned that by stopping the injections during one’s cycle that it will hinder weight loss; in fact, ceasing injections is a necessary measure until hormones can be rebalanced in the body and injections can be continued.

Even when following the protocol correctly and stopping HCG injections during menstruation, some females will endure menstrual changes that can range from a cessation of flow to the onset of one’s period in post-menopausal women.  Females can rest assured in knowing that these symptoms are typically transient and will pass once the full course of the injections has been used as directed.  If a female has serious concerns, she can discuss the issues of HCG injection use and menstruation with her physician.

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