How to Mix Hcg Injections

Mixing HCG injections is not a complex process, but in order to get the full effectiveness of the HCG product, the user has to ensure that the mixture is correct. The HCG dieter will have to do a bit of experimentation to find out if 125 IU or the 175 IU dosage is appropriate. It is recommended that one start with the lowest dose first and that the HCG user only moves on to a higher dose if he or she is still experiencing hunger cravings or if he or she is still not experiencing weight loss.

Some people use dosages as high as 200 IU, but this is not a common practice. Using the appropriate dosage possible is very necessary, since this will minimize the risks associated with the onset of bodily immunity to the HCG product (Download a copy of HCG Mixing Calculator here).

After you have decided on what dosage you will use, you can then proceed with mixing HCG injections. You will want to wipe down the area where you are working with alcohol or bleach. It is imperative that you disinfect your work area. If you fail to clean the area before you begin, all other sterilization efforts will be for naught. After you have wiped down your work area, turn your attention to your hands. Wash them with antibacterial soap and swab them with an alcohol pad. Then put on latex gloves.

Now you are ready for mixing HCG injections. Take up the HCG product inside an ampoule and clean the upper portion of the bottle with an alcohol pad. Repeat this process by wiping the top of the sterilized water bottle you are supplied with as well. Once this is completed, you can take up a brand new, sterile syringe and draw out 25 cc from the sterilized water. After doing this, you can get rid of the used needle and use another.

The next step for mixing HCG injections involves injecting the sterilized water into the ampoule containing the HCG product. Once you have done this, you can swirl the container around, gently. As you do so, you will find that the HCG product begins to naturally dissolve in the added water. You will now have to add 24 cc of the water into a vial made of glass. The vial should be sterile too. Using the syringe, you will now remove 1 cc from the HCG product that you have mixed and you will then put it into the sterilized vial made of glass with 24 cc of sterilized water in it. The end result supplies you with a full 25 doses of one milliliter each.

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