Hcg Injections vs. Drops

Among common questions related to the HCG diet are the primary differences between HCG products. Dieters want to know how HCG injections vs HCG drops, and if one product is a better option over the other. The key to understanding the differences between HCG drops and injections is that each of the supplement options has advantages with its use. Basically, the dieter will have to examine the advantages of injections and drops to decide which supplement method he or she prefers.

When comparing HCG drops to injections, it is important to know that both options are safe to use provided that the products are used exactly as instructed. Back in 1950s when Dr. Simeons introduced the HCG diet protocol to patients, injections was the most effective means of restoring HCG levels in the human body. Since then, getting HCG injections has been the standardized method of HCG weight loss treatment.

Injections may require extra measures to ensure product safety however. You will have to ensure that the product is mixed appropriately if you don’t buy premixed products. You will also have to ensure that you store the products in the correct colored vials and in the appropriate manner to extend product freshness. In addition, when using the injections you will have to make sure you properly clean the injection site and that you use sanitary practices to prevent infection of the injection site.

HCG drops have fewer safety concerns associated with them since they are simple to store and easy to consume. You also do not have to worry about caring for an injection site or any pain that might accompany the use of injections. Thus, when it comes to HCG drops vs injections, the drops are clearly the easier of the two products to use. For anyone that is a bit skittish about using injections, the drops offer the same effect as the injections so the dieter doesn’t have to worry about the drops being the less effective HCG supplementation option.

There is a price difference when it comes to HCG injections vs HCG drops too. Since many insurance providers will not cover the costs associated with HCG products, this means that the dieter will be dealing with all of the out of pocket expense associated with the HCG diet plan. With the HCG injections, you are expected to get additional accesories such as syringes, sterile alcohol pads, bacteria free water for mixing, mixing bowls, vials for storing HCG. On the other hand, HCG drops are sold in a single bottle and require nothing more for their use. If you are seeking the more affordable and convenient method for using HCG, clearly the drops are the preferred option. Drops are more affordable, are equally powerful, and you don’t have to worry about additional equipment and materials for their use on a daily basis.

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