HCG Injection Instructions

When you opt to use HCG injections, you must be fully cognizant of the appropriate HCG injection instructions. Usually the HCG injection kityou purchase will clearly tell you how to use the HCG injections each day. If you are just thinking about using injections for the first time and you have not yet purchased an injection kit however, understanding the injection instructions can help you decide if using HCG injections is a good decision for you and your dieting needs; the instructions reveal the necessary steps one needs to utilize the product safely.

As per HCG injection instructions, you will want to ensure that every injection remains uncontaminated and sanitary. It is recommended that you wear rubber or latex gloves as you perform the injection so you do not accidentally contaminate the site of the injection. Before you begin to handle the syringe, put the gloves on, and dispose of the gloves after each injection. Do not reuse gloves repeatedly. If you are concerned about potential injection pain, you can ice down for a few minutes the injection site before you actually use the product. After icing the area, use an alcohol pad or straight alcohol on a cotton ball to sterilize the site of the injection.


You need to ensure that you are using quality needles. This means that the needle tip should be exceptionally sharp, straight, and slightly tapered. If you find that the needle is damaged, dispose of it and use another. Never reuse the same sharps or syringes for HCG injections. When you are preparing for the injection, make sure that you only inject the product where the kit recommends that you do so. Typically, injection sites include the outer thigh, the upper, outer area of the buttocks, or the outer, upper area of one of the arms. Since an injection site has the likelihood of becoming a bit sore, one should use a different site for each HCG injection daily.


HCG injection instructions also recommend that you ensure that the alcohol used to sterilize the site is allowed to air dry before making the actual injection. This will prevent any alcohol from entering the injection area and causing burning or stinging.

Just before delivering the injection, the syringe’s plunger will need to be drawn back to allow the syringe to fill with fifty units of air; the needle is than tapped into the HCG product’s rubber stopper so that the appropriate amount of the product can be withdrawn. While doing this, you must keep the vial upside down as the fluid is drawn into the syringe.

Once the appropriate amount of the product is in the syringe, you then flicks at the needle to remove potential air bubbles. The plunger is then pushed down gradually to get rid of all the air in the syringe. The HCG product is now prepared for injection.

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