Hcg Diet Injections vs. Drops: 4 Top Tips for Choosing

The Hcg Diet Plan includes a limited number of options for using Hcg. These include, injections, drops and pellets or tablets.  Which one is best?  The correct question is actually, “Which one is best for me!”

Each of these options has been shown to be a legitimate option for the Hcg protocol, so in the end, the choice is up to you. Here is how to decide….

Hcg Injections, Drops and Pellets

Hcg Injections:

This option is the original approach, as outlined by Dr. Simeons in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches. He prescribed all of his patients the same dose, and required the shots to be used daily, along with the 500 calorie menu.  Today’s doctors may recommend subcutaneous injections (just under the skin) or intramuscular (into the muscle.)   SubQ injections require the use of a small needle, such as an insulin syringe. Intramuscular injections, on the other hand, require a longer needle and can be somewhat more uncomfortable.  There are a number of techniques that can be used to ease the discomfort however and most people get over their fear of needles rather quickly, finding it much less of an issue than expected.

Hcg Pellets/Troches and Tablets:

Pellets are troches were the first oral version of prescription Hcg to emerge on the market. These dissolve in the mouth for optimal absorption.  The downside of pellets and troches, are the difficulty in adjusting dosage, should that become necessary. This is because they tend to dissolve when cut. Tablets on the other hand, can be cut and it is relatively simple to adjust dosage. However, tablets tend to start with a much higher dosage to make up for the Hcg lost in the digestion system once swallowed. This can sometimes require a quick dosage adjustment since a dose that is too high for the patient, can result in hunger.  These are a popular option for those who are not eager to try injections.

Hcg Drops:

Liquid Hcg is available in two forms: prescription and homeopathic.  While the FDA is not keen on anything homeopathic, it cannot be argued that there are countless success stories showing that HHCG offers genuine results.  For those who are prefer prescription Hcg, this is available through limited sources, but has a very high success rate.  Like injections, Rx Hcg Drops require a prescription and come with all supplies when purchased through a legitimate telemedicine company.  These are not to be confused with “hormone free diet drops” which do not contain any actual Hcg ingredient.

How to tell if homeopathic drops are legitimate:

This can be found by looking at the label, which should read something like, “active ingredient, hCG 12x, 20x, 30x, 60x” if they are authentic. If they do not have this on the label, and on the website, they are not real.

How to tell if prescription drops are legitimate:

Genuine pharmaceutical-grade Hcg will ALWAYS require a prescription. If they do not, they are not real.  They will come with a prescription on the label, just as a vial of Hcg would for injections.

Where can I purchase the best shots, drops, or pellets?

Since it is essential to have legitimate and safe Hcg for the protocol, it is important to only purchase your Hcg through your local doctor, or through an online telemedicine company that specializes in Hcg for weight loss.

Purchase Hcg from an FDA approved source

This is highly recommended, not only for your weight loss success, but for your personal safety. The FDA requires all US pharmacies to participate in 3rd party testing of their pharmaceutical Hcg.  Each “batch” of Hcg must exceed 92%, or the entire inventory must be destroyed.  In addition, the FDA has extremely high standards and strict regulations in place for preparation and production.  All machinery is tested consistently and specific procedures are required. Not only does this ensure the quality and potency of each Hcg vial, but it ensures each patient’s personal safety.

Purchase Hcg from India or Overseas?

It is NOT recommended that you purchase Hcg from India or other overseas websites claiming to be pharmacies.  These are websites that source counterfeit Hcg from various factories around the world, including the countries of China, Haiti, Pakistan, India, and various other locations that do not offer regulations.  While some individuals may purchase from these sites, it is a very high risk approach.  Nearly all side effects reported from Hcg hormone used for weight loss, resulted from overseas counterfeit Hcg.  In fact, the FDA has reported that nearly all products sold from these sites are fake, or have expired potency labels that have been replaced.

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