Hcg Diet Plan, Protocol, Foods and Meals

The world has been on the craze for the newly rediscovered HCG diet that has been thronging the market. With most of the talks dealing with if it works or not, many are yet to define what the HCG diet is all about. However before one has to define HCG itself in all aspects:

The Hcg Diet Plan

What is HCG?

HCG is an acronym standing for Human Chorionic Gonodotrophin, This is a hormone that is naturally produced within the placenta of a pregnant woman. Its major function in a pregnant woman is to control metabolism functions completely from conception to birth. In addition HCG is also found in normal men and women having the same function which is to aid in metabolism, even though it is found to be in lower quantities.

HCG is usually manufactured in laboratories by use of sterile cells, even though it is usually believed to be from the urine of a pregnant woman. Theoretically this should be possible. This can be done by collection of urine from the pregnant woman daily and then it should be changed into powder form. To make it fit for human consumption bacteriostatic should be added to it to kill the unwanted germs and a preservative then added.

What is HCG diet?

HCG diet is a protocol that works with the use of HCG hormone in connection with an extremely low calorie diet. The HCG which can be taken by use of drops that is orally twice a day of by use of an injection once. When you are on the HCG diet you have the abilities of losing 1 to 3 pounds every day. This way you get to get rid of all the unwanted fat in the body leading to fast weight lose.

Calorie intake

Another thing that constitutes in making a HCG diet, this is the calorie intake to make the diet complete. The HCG diet basically functions if you remain in a very low calorie restriction regime; this is where you only take 500 calories in a given day for example having low calorie meals like air fried pork chops. This is shown to work as the body uses all the calories it has been storing up for years which are in the thousands.. The body releases the fat cells your body has been storing directly into your blood stream using all its reserves as with a 500 calorie diet you are barely eating, thus leading to you losing weight.

What studies show?

Having seen the advertisers perspective on what the HCG diet is, studies done show a considerably different side. Advertisers always go for the public’s image purporting that once you are in the diet the hormone taken targets your, upper arms, mid-section area and the thighs. However studies thoroughly done have showed that the HCG taken in the body does not promote your body to lose weight other than the simple reason you are in a diet that consists of you barely eating anything.

The Phases

HCG diet plan has been popular to many people due to its incredible results. Patients have been able to lose weight that has been a bother to them for so many years within a short time. So what is this that is entailed in HCG diet phases? What is the big secret? It is three phases; phase 1 to phase 3. Let us take a look at them.

Phase 1.

In most cases we never take this phase seriously. We overlook it and probably it is the most important phase. This is where it should start regardless of whether you have been through HCG diet before or not. Together with HCG intake, for two to three days, one is supposed to have high fat and caloric intake. As you consume high fat foods, your body will try do deposit new fat cells. HCG hormone on the other hand, will work against this by stopping it. As a result, your body releases and mobilizes the fat cells and lipids instead of keeping them. The time you will begin taking the HCG diet, the mobilized lipids translate to adverse weight loss. You can register a loss of 10lbs in these first days. During this first phase, you are advised to take HCG drops and injections. From the fourth day onwards, you are supposed take the HCG diet and never at any point should you stop. The last bite of your diet should be before your rest phase. Read more about Phase 1.

Phase 2.

This is the hardest phase for most people. When adhered to, it can work well. Basically, it is about physical food but the strictness is what makes it a challenge. You are needed to have a strict consumption of five to seven hundred calories in a day. Fish and chicken are fine for this phase. Tea and coffee are good for breakfast and major foods for lunch and super. There are so many recipes which can guide you to prepare a considerable amount of whichever meal you will want. A combination of a low calorie intake HCG diet with HCG intake can make you part with 50lbs in sixty days. You lose weight at a high rate during the period between 5-10 days in this period. The rate of weight loss drops from the tenth day of the phase. You start losing 0.5 pounds in a day and so on. This is the phase that you shed off most weight. Read more about Phase 2

Phase 3.

Rest. This stage starts in the 43rd day to the 60th day depending on the regime followed. Many people start smiling once they reach here, it is their favorite. Note that it is as important as any other phase. Calorie intake is taken back to 1200-1500 a day. A diet plan referred to as stability phase is what is taken and the HCG is stopped. The point is to clear HCG from the body before another regime is started. There has to be a minimal of 23 days between the complete HCG-free body and a new regime. This period is for training your body to shed weight on its own, not from the HCG intake alone. For individuals who aim at shedding over 30lbs, this is the most essential phase. This is because multiple regimes are necessary. You just ensure that you take the specific foods for this phase and shun from high fat and dairy foods. Your phase is going to be fantastic and from here, you can get prepared to begin again. Read more about Phase 3.


Hcg Injections and Drops for Weight Loss

Over the past two years or so the use of new innovative means like the HCG diet has been on the increase. Hundreds of people are now turning to this virtually painless and stress free method of losing weight. Having before existed in only injection form, the HCG is now available in a number of means including HCG drops to aid users in the struggle for weight loss. This has made it even more available to the hundreds of people who want a quick and effective method of losing weight.

The promise

HCG known in full as human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural occurring hormone in the placenta of a pregnant woman. This hormone is responsible for fat absorption and manipulation thus used in the development of fetus. Studies have backed up claims that with its intake you can easily manipulate fat stored in the body. So what exactly does the HCG drops and HCG injection promise? With the refining of the HCG product, this product promises tremendous results within a few short days. Most promise a minimum amount of 45 pounds in 45 days translating to a pound a day. However some promise as much as three pounds a day a desire that over weight and obese people want to achieve


Just as in the use of fetus and placenta, the HCG hormone especially reviews of hcg1234 the diet in order for you to achieve the desired weight loss. The drops and injection are designed in such a way that they are to be taken at the least time period of twenty minutes before meal times. The injections on the other hand are to be injected twice a day not necessarily before meals. This has proved successful in the manipulation of fat this limiting amount that is to be stored as excessive. It has also proven useful in manipulation and use of previously stored fat cells that are thus used in the production of energy of the body. Being a medical condition this injection and drops should not be bought over the counter from unlicensed individuals as it can dangerous to one’s health

So does it work?

So far people who have embarked in the use of HCG drops and injections have seen positive results. This is largely due to the fact that HCG suppresses appetite of an individual making one less susceptible to hunger pangs and overeating. As this is expected it is accompanied by a low calorie diet of 500 calories or less that ensures that one cannot gain weight during the period. This in effect causes weight loss in just a few weeks of its use as calories used are more than calorie intake. This side effect is one of the most desirable effects for someone wanting to lose weight, as a fact one will not be grappling with intense hunger pains and cravings of unhealthy food products. Afterwards leading a more healthy lifestyle with a desirable body is more achievable thus HCG drops and HCG injections for weight loss is the thus the secret formula to weight loss.

Side effects

Considering what the HCG diet is, it won’t be complete without looking at the side effects. As most diets HCG diet has some major side effects to your body. Once you start you will likely be more irritable and restless, this is usually blamed on the fact that you have not taken enough calories for your body thus taking a toll on your mood swings. In addition you are subjected to fluid buildup and fatigue all though out the process. In severe cases you may suffer from blood clots, making some of your major arteries clog which in worst case scenarios may lead to more serious health concerns.

Additional Tips to Accelerate Your Weight Loss with Hcg

5 Tips to Accelerate Your Weight Loss
Tip 1:
Believe That You Can
One of the most important factors for weight loss is belief in yourself.
Having the belief that you can is just as important as exercising and eating healthier. Without belief, you are sabotaging your efforts before you even begin.
Write down the reasons it is important for you to lose weight. Then set a goal for how much weight you would like to lose and commit to it. No matter what obstacles come your way do not quit until you hit your goal.
Staying positive and holding on to the belief that you can will require you to feed your mind with positive thoughts daily. If you have one bad day don’t let it discourage you. Just dust it off and get right back on track.
As time goes on, and you begin to see results from your efforts, it will be easier to stay on track.
Tip 2:
Drink Water
Water is the gas that fuels the engine of our bodies. The body needs water to function efficiently.
If you drink water through the day, you will not feel hungry as often because it will give you the sensation of being full.
Once your body is receiving the amount of water that it needs, it will improve digestion and release the excess fluid stored in the cells.
Drinking a glass before each meal will help you to eat less and lose more.
Tip 3:
Get Active
Exercise is an important part of any weight loss program. Even though you may be able to lose weight without it, it will be difficult to sustain long term.
If exercise intimidates you, start out with something simple like walking. The idea is to find what you enjoy and do it.
For maximum benefit work out 5 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.
As your health and physical ability improve, try exercises such as Zumba, taebo and swimming. These exercises tend to burn larger amounts of calories.
Remember exercise is not only key for weight loss but it also helps to improve your overall health.
Tip 4:
Eat More Often
Eating 5 to 6 smaller meals instead of 3 large meals will help you stay full and satisfied all through the day.
If your goal is to take in no more than 1500 calories per day you have to make sure all your small meals combined do not exceed this number.
An easy way to do this is to split your 3 normal meals in half.
Tip 5:
Get At Least 7 Hours of Sleep Nightly
Not getting enough sleep alters the level of ghrelin in the body. Ghrelin is the hormone that regulates hunger in the body and when sleep deprived causes an increase in appetite.
The ideal amount of sleep is between 7 to 8 hours per night. When the body is deprived of sleep it throws off your metabolism.
To improve your quality of sleep do not drink caffeine based drinks, workout or eat at least 3 hours before bed time.
Incorporating these 5 simple tips can significantly impact the amount of weight you are able to lose.