Hcg Diet Phase 2 – Weight Loss

After having been in existence for the past 50 year or so years, the HCG diet has proven to be among the most important and efficient protocols that people can use when they are looking to lose weight. However, for those that might not have had the best of success with the Hcg diet protocol, much of the blame is laid on their lack of knowledge about the phases of the diet and what is required in these phases. One of the most important of these phases that is estimated to help people lose anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds is phase 2 and it is also among the more sensitive phases.

Hcg Diet Phase 2 Protocol

After Phase 1 which is a detox period in which one seeks to prepare their body for the HCG diet protocol, Phase 2 kicks in in a rather but equally important fashion.

Step 1. Loading phase

The loading period is usually the first two days of the phase. Here, one is expected to load on fatty foods for the two days before they can start dosing on the HCG. These fats are vital in a variety of ways and one of these ways is to help you stave off hunger once you get started on the very low calorie diet which is about 500 calories per day. After this, the rather challenging part starts.

Step 2. 

After the 3 days of loading or gorging as it is also known, you now start on the VLCD (very low calorie diet) that is usually clocked at 500 calories at most and at the same time continuing with your HCG diet. Keep in mind that during this period that can take a maximum of 40 days, you will be required to drink a lot and it is also recommended that one takes potassium which is vital in helping reduce cramps, hunger pangs and can also help with sleep. This is also encouraged because all the potassium in the body is excreted together with the water hence this helps to replenish the system. The number of doses of HCG that one should take on this phase depend on the amount of weight that you would like to shed. Those seeking to shed about 15 pounds should take about 23 effective doses after the loading period is over and those that are seeking to lose about 30 pounds should take 40 doses.

Step 3. 

After successfully completing the dosages, this is when the third stage of phase 2 should kick in. After you have taken your last HCG dose, you should make sure that you stick to the VLCD for the next 72 hours. This helps your body to get rid of the remaining HCG traces in your body.

It is important to note that the recommended period that one should stay on this phase is 40 days. This is so that one does not become immune to the HCG which can be characterized by some very uncomfortable symptoms like severe hunger, weakness and fatigue. It is also vital for women to know that they should not take the HCG dose during their menstruation period and much emphasis is placed on one following the diet strictly pound for pound without supplementing. This is so that the protocol is able to work properly and efficiently.

Hcg Diet Phase 2 Recipes

The HCG diet like most diets may seem boring and very restrictive at first. However the fact that HCG original diet does not have a specific kind of food you should be taking, gives you certain freedoms that normally do not come with other diets. With the instructions only bending on the amount of calories you are to take, you do not have to stick to a particularly diet day after day just because you are dieting. Below are a sample of phase 2 recipes you can use in your weight lose journey:


During breakfast you can go ahead and take tea or coffee depending on what you are usually accustomed to. However no sugar is permitted in the morning beverage, to make it tasty though you may add additives like Stevia. In the case of sweet and low add only one packet as it has more sugar than other supplements available in the market, to be on the safe side use of only Stevia is recommended. To ensure you have enough energy to push you through the morning session you can take a fruit, the most recommended is � of grapefruit or an orange. Eating of cooked food while in the HCG diet in the morning is a bad idea as you will most likely eat more calories than you expect.


During lunch hour, you may find that you have a little more freedom than during breakfast. As this is where you should eat protein. With the diet recommending at least 100 grams of protein a day, it basically becomes your choice to choose what kind you want but check on the fat content as it should be less than 7%. The sample phase 2 recipes permitted during lunch are proteins consisting of lean meat, fish, chicken, shrimp. Choosing beef may seem a big step as most beef has a lot of fat in it, thus is you do not know how to estimate fat content it is better to steer clear of it, salmon fish and cat fish, eel and tuna are some of the other types of fish that you should not take while in the HCG diet. You should also eat one vegetable for lunch, as most vegetables are high in fiber you will feel full more quickly and for longer. For carbohydrates you can choose Melba toast or bread stick to cover you on that but ensure you go for the one with no additives at all, which can be found in almost any store. Since fruit is always a must, you may want to go for variety either an apple, 1/2 grapefruit or 7 strawberries, ensure you only eat one a day and not all at the same time.


Dinner usually constitutes everything you have eaten for lunch, but you have the option of switching them around. If you had eaten fish during lunch chicken may just be what you need.

However when it comes to calorie counting, ensure that what you eat at breakfast is always less than 100 calories, so that you can divide the rest of the 400 calories between lunch and dinner. For vegetables always go for something that has very low calories such as lettuce, cabbage or spinach. This way you will be able to stick to the whole diet without a problem.

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