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Proper Dosage for HCG Injections: How Much HCG is Enough for Successful Weight Loss?

If you are starting the HCG diet plan and you have made the decision to use HCG injections, you may be curious to know what the right dosage is for every injection.  If you don’t get just the right dosage for each HCG injection you take, you can wind up feeling like you are starving or you can end up not having an appetite at all.  Since this plan calls for a very low calorie diet, getting the precise dosage to meet your needs is imperative.

When trying to get the right dosage for HCG injections, if you are not getting enough of the product in your bloodstream you will find that you want to either snack during the day or that you want to eat larger portions than the protocol recommends.  You may experience the sense of dizziness and you may feel weak in the knees too because you are constantly hungry.  You might be able to ward off some of your hunger by drinking water and filling up your belly this way, but you will still be hungry twenty to thirty minutes later.


Alternatively, if you are just shy of the amount of HCG you need to thwart hunger successfully, you might not go crazy with hunger, but you will still feel its effects.  This can lead to over eating on occasion and slowing down your actual weight loss.  You might still find yourself craving carbohydrates and sweets too.  You might be able to diminish your mild cravings by increasing your protein intake, but you are still going to need to adjust your HCG dosage accordingly.

Finding the right dosage is a thing that is really trial and error.  You will want to start out with a moderate dose and gradually increase  or decrease the amount you use each day until the dosage is just right.  You can start with 175 International Units each day, but this is a higher dosage.  If you don’t see any weight loss and you are hungry, you might try taking 150 International Units a day.  Likewise, if you start out with 125 International Units daily and you are not seeing any results, move up to 150 IU.  If you still don’t see results after two days , move up to 175 IU.  Usually 125 IU is too low for most people, but some individuals have found success with it; starting with 150 IU is a good place to start because it gives you room to move up or down with your dosing options.

It can be frustrating as you try to figure out the exact dosage you require, but you need to give your body time to adjust to the dosage and to see if you witness any results.  Every person is different so the requirements for each individual will vary.  You will know you have found the perfect dosage for you when you are steadily dropping weight and you are not faced with hunger pangs.


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking HCG Diet Injections


If you are going to see real success through the use of HCG diet injections, you are going to need to avoid some of the common mistakes that people make while on the HCG diet.  Common mistakes that people make when using HCG include failing to reduce salt intake, failing to take in adequate water, failing to skip a day when doing the forty day HCG protocol, and failing to choose the right cosmetics to avoid weight loss plateaus or weight gain.  If you avoid these issues when following the HCG diet protocol, you will find that HCG diet injections are indeed a powerful weight loss tool that can help you become as thin as you want to be.


Salt Reduction
If you fail to reduce your salt intake when you are using HCG diet injections, you might end up gaining weight or stalling your weight loss.  The more salt you consume, the greater the likelihood that you will retain any water you consume too.  This means you can add on water weight quickly.  You might feel bloated and uncomfortable too.  While it is true that the Simeon’s Protocol does not place any kind of restriction on the amount of salt you can consume, you will still want to eat as little salt as possible.  For that matter, don’t use salt substitutes either which contain potassium instead of sodium chloride.

Drinking Enough Water and the Right Kind of Water
While you can drink herbal teas on the HCG diet, while you are using injections the most important beverage you can drink is water.  In fact, all HCG injection users need two quarts of water daily to help flush the body, to remain hydrated, and to maximize metabolic processes.

However, tap water is not the kind of water you want to drink.  When you get water from the sink it is often treated with chlorine.  The chlorine in the tap water has a negative influence on the thyroid gland and this may hinder your weight loss results.  Drink fresh spring water in the right amounts every single day.

Not Skipping Doses When Advised to Do So
When you are making use of HCG injections, if you are advised to skip a dose there is a real reason for following instructions.  By skipping doses when you are advised to do so, you will prevent your body from becoming too accustomed to the HCG product.  By preventing HCG immunity, you can avoid weight stalls, plateaus, and frustration.

Choosing the Wrong Cosmetics
When using HCG diet injections, even the cosmetics you choose play a role in your diet success.  If you use cosmetics that contain ointments, creams, oils, fats, preservatives, and other undesirable ingredients, your weight loss may slow down or halt entirely.  You need to rely on cosmetics that have no fats or oils in them.  If you are choosing deodorants, go with a crystal deodorant product.  If you use lotions, make sure they are oil free too.


Is Loading Necessary With HCG injections?


While you may be eager to get right into the HCG diet, there are steps that precede the beginning of the VLCD phase, where you take on a very low calorie diet and daily HCG injections. You are advised to perform two loading days before you start the phase two and the loading phase is vital to weight loss success. During the two days of loading, you should eat as many fatty foods as possible for the time period; believe it or not, this prepares your body for the next phase in the diet plan.

The loading phase is something that should not be skipped. You need to consume high amounts of calories during this time. This phase helps you ready the abnormal fat stores in your body when you move into the very low calorie phase of the diet. These days you are not limited to what you can consume and you can enjoy all of your favorite foods including things like beef, fried foods, burgers, pork, chicken, pizza, and more. As you eat as much as you can, you will be triggering the hypothalamus into action, so that it is ready to burn off fats stores effectively and quickly.

The loading days are a preparatory phase, one that the dieter might not first understand. You might think to yourself “how can I lose weight fast if I spend two days stuffing myself with all sorts of foods?” While you are loading you are also using HCG injections. On day three, this is when the product has built up in the blood stream and will prove the most effective. You will spend the first two days eating all you want to avoid hunger and to get the body in a position where it is more than ready to release abnormal stores of fat. In addition, by eating many foods during this period you are replenishing any structural stores of fat that have been diminished through prior acts involving yo-yo dieting.

During the loading days, you should consume foods high in fat content. Focusing on food selections specifically high in fat content is vital. The golden rule during loading days is that the dieter should be prepared to “eat to capacity.” This means that you eat until you are totally satisfied, but not to the point of becoming ill. After loading, you will find your body burns off undesired fat, not structural fat, and you will not endure the hunger cravings you may have experienced with other dieting alternatives.

Bear in mind that you may still face issues dealing with emotional forms of hunger; this is something you will want to work on as you make your way through the HCG protocol. You can identify emotional triggers and learn how to cope with them for greater dieting success. In the end, loading is a necessary step in the HCG plan: one that all dieters should adhere to when they start the HCG injections.

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