Hcg Diet Injections vs. Drops: 4 Top Tips for Choosing

The Hcg Diet Plan includes a limited number of options for using Hcg. These include, injections, drops and pellets or tablets.  Which one is best?  The correct question is actually, “Which one is best for me!”

Each of these options has been shown to be a legitimate option for the Hcg protocol, so in the end, the choice is up to you. Here is how to decide….

Hcg Injections, Drops and Pellets

Hcg Injections:

This option is the original approach, as outlined by Dr. Simeons in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches. He prescribed all of his patients the same dose, and required the shots to be used daily, along with the 500 calorie menu.  Today’s doctors may recommend subcutaneous injections (just under the skin) or intramuscular (into the muscle.)   SubQ injections require the use of a small needle, such as an insulin syringe. Intramuscular injections, on the other hand, require a longer needle and can be somewhat more uncomfortable.  There are a number of techniques that can be used to ease the discomfort however and most people get over their fear of needles rather quickly, finding it much less of an issue than expected.

Hcg Pellets/Troches and Tablets:

Pellets are troches were the first oral version of prescription Hcg to emerge on the market. These dissolve in the mouth for optimal absorption.  The downside of pellets and troches, are the difficulty in adjusting dosage, should that become necessary. This is because they tend to dissolve when cut. Tablets on the other hand, can be cut and it is relatively simple to adjust dosage. However, tablets tend to start with a much higher dosage to make up for the Hcg lost in the digestion system once swallowed. This can sometimes require a quick dosage adjustment since a dose that is too high for the patient, can result in hunger.  These are a popular option for those who are not eager to try injections.

Hcg Drops:

Liquid Hcg is available in two forms: prescription and homeopathic.  While the FDA is not keen on anything homeopathic, it cannot be argued that there are countless success stories showing that HHCG offers genuine results.  For those who are prefer prescription Hcg, this is available through limited sources, but has a very high success rate.  Like injections, Rx Hcg Drops require a prescription and come with all supplies when purchased through a legitimate telemedicine company.  These are not to be confused with “hormone free diet drops” which do not contain any actual Hcg ingredient.

How to tell if homeopathic drops are legitimate:

This can be found by looking at the label, which should read something like, “active ingredient, hCG 12x, 20x, 30x, 60x” if they are authentic. If they do not have this on the label, and on the website, they are not real.

How to tell if prescription drops are legitimate:

Genuine pharmaceutical-grade Hcg will ALWAYS require a prescription. If they do not, they are not real.  They will come with a prescription on the label, just as a vial of Hcg would for injections.

Where can I purchase the best shots, drops, or pellets?

Since it is essential to have legitimate and safe Hcg for the protocol, it is important to only purchase your Hcg through your local doctor, or through an online telemedicine company that specializes in Hcg for weight loss.

Purchase Hcg from an FDA approved source

This is highly recommended, not only for your weight loss success, but for your personal safety. The FDA requires all US pharmacies to participate in 3rd party testing of their pharmaceutical Hcg.  Each “batch” of Hcg must exceed 92%, or the entire inventory must be destroyed.  In addition, the FDA has extremely high standards and strict regulations in place for preparation and production.  All machinery is tested consistently and specific procedures are required. Not only does this ensure the quality and potency of each Hcg vial, but it ensures each patient’s personal safety.

Purchase Hcg from India or Overseas?

It is NOT recommended that you purchase Hcg from India or other overseas websites claiming to be pharmacies.  These are websites that source counterfeit Hcg from various factories around the world, including the countries of China, Haiti, Pakistan, India, and various other locations that do not offer regulations.  While some individuals may purchase from these sites, it is a very high risk approach.  Nearly all side effects reported from Hcg hormone used for weight loss, resulted from overseas counterfeit Hcg.  In fact, the FDA has reported that nearly all products sold from these sites are fake, or have expired potency labels that have been replaced.

How to Mix Hcg Injections

Mixing HCG injections is not a complex process, but in order to get the full effectiveness of the HCG product, the user has to ensure that the mixture is correct. The HCG dieter will have to do a bit of experimentation to find out if 125 IU or the 175 IU dosage is appropriate. It is recommended that one start with the lowest dose first and that the HCG user only moves on to a higher dose if he or she is still experiencing hunger cravings or if he or she is still not experiencing weight loss.

Some people use dosages as high as 200 IU, but this is not a common practice. Using the appropriate dosage possible is very necessary, since this will minimize the risks associated with the onset of bodily immunity to the HCG product (Download a copy of HCG Mixing Calculator here).

After you have decided on what dosage you will use, you can then proceed with mixing HCG injections. You will want to wipe down the area where you are working with alcohol or bleach. It is imperative that you disinfect your work area. If you fail to clean the area before you begin, all other sterilization efforts will be for naught. After you have wiped down your work area, turn your attention to your hands. Wash them with antibacterial soap and swab them with an alcohol pad. Then put on latex gloves.

Now you are ready for mixing HCG injections. Take up the HCG product inside an ampoule and clean the upper portion of the bottle with an alcohol pad. Repeat this process by wiping the top of the sterilized water bottle you are supplied with as well. Once this is completed, you can take up a brand new, sterile syringe and draw out 25 cc from the sterilized water. After doing this, you can get rid of the used needle and use another.

The next step for mixing HCG injections involves injecting the sterilized water into the ampoule containing the HCG product. Once you have done this, you can swirl the container around, gently. As you do so, you will find that the HCG product begins to naturally dissolve in the added water. You will now have to add 24 cc of the water into a vial made of glass. The vial should be sterile too. Using the syringe, you will now remove 1 cc from the HCG product that you have mixed and you will then put it into the sterilized vial made of glass with 24 cc of sterilized water in it. The end result supplies you with a full 25 doses of one milliliter each.

What are the Hcg Diet Side Effects?

Could you be interested in starting HCG diet and wondering whether there are dangers and side effects associated with it? HCG
diet has been known to help in weight loss but then it comes with some side effects. Some patients who have been on HCG diet have said that some of the side effects never lasted long while others persisted for a long period. When it lasts long, the patient is supposed to seek medical attention. The following are the side effects associated with HCG diet.


Since in HCG diet you will be eating less than what you eat normally, you will have to naturally excrete less than you normally do. Bowel movements will therefore be noted for people who are on HCG diet. They are likely to experience this bowel disruptions three or four days apart.

So what can save you from this trouble? A mild sugar-free laxative will come handy in case you are constipating during HCG diet. Drinking a lot of water can help one to have their system smoothened up and brought back to normal.

Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.

This is a rare case for women on HCG diet. Women under HCG diet can have OHSS in the initial round of treatment. Symptoms of OHSS include; swollen hands and legs, severe pelvic pain, swollen and painful stomach, shortness of breath, gaining of weight, vomiting, diarrhea and urinating less than usual. Once these symptoms are observed, one needs doctor’s attention as OHSS is a serious condition.

Leg cramps.

It is not a so common side-effects. It comes as a result of little supply of potassium from the HCG diet.

You need a potassium supplement to counteract this side effect. If you can get a multivitamin that comes along with other nutrients in addition to potassium, the better.

Multiple births for pregnant mothers.

A HCG dieting formula is recommended for fertility treatment. So women who do not want to get expectant should take caution when it comes to HCG diet. Being on HCG diet heightens the chances of having twins, triplets, quadruplets or many babies. Multiple births presents challenges to the mother and the babies too which can be evident during birth. Consulting the doctor is a good idea if you are pregnant or are interested in becoming pregnant.


This is the side effect that is experienced by most people on a HCG diet. As you commence on your diet, the body has to adapt to the changes in your eating. This will cause you to have headaches in your first week as the body tries to adjust to the new system.

How to solve this problem is taking painkillers to send away the headaches. You can simply go for over-the counter drugs to treat this. Taking enough water also is advised if you have an encounter with this side effect.


It comes as a result of low calorie and low carbohydrates in the HCG diet plan. It is usually temporarily and lasts for the first week in most of the cases.


It is not a so common side effect. When you are on HCG diet, the body burns fats fast. As the body consumes fat cells, toxins are being produced. Once this toxins accumulate in the body, they cause you to have rash breakouts.

Dealing with this side effect is simply having a plenty water intake. Drink a lot of water so as to get rid of the toxins from the body.

The above symptoms are not universal to all HCG dieters. As mentioned above, some may be stopped by taking medications, others totally prevented and other can be let to go away by themselves.

Avoid HCG diet if you are a child, a mother who is breastfeeding or you are experiencing another medical condition.

Take the necessary precautions and you will be good to go with HCG diet.


f you are considering the use of injections while on the HCG diet, you may worry about HCG injections side effects. The potential for side effects is very low, but it is helpful for you to know what to watch out for as you use the product. There are a few side effects that can affect women and men, and being able to spot them will ensure that you can maintain your optimal health.

There are rarely HCG diet side effects reported. HCG injections have been used for fertility reasons in decades and some patients reported occasional headaches and pregnancy symptoms. However, the amount between HCG injections used for Weight Loss (125 IU to 200IU) and HCG for fertility purpose (10,000 IU) is significantly different. Therefore, there are rare side effects reported with HCG injections for weight loss.

HCG injections side effects can occur when the HCG dieter fails to follow the precise instructions for the HCG products use, or he or she fails to remain committed to the diet’s protocol. If the dieter follows all instructions and commits to the 500 calorie a day diet while eating only acceptable foods, there is little chance of experiencing side effects at all.

HCG injections side effects in women include the potential for changes in mood, nausea, and fatigue. Women also sometimes experience pregnancy symptoms. Although HCG in a larger amount is used for fertility purpose, HCG injections for weight loss will not interfere with oral birth control products. However, it is recommended HCG injections should not be used as a woman menstruates. The injections can be restarted after the female completes menstruation.

HCG injections side effects for men are also minimum. In rare cases, a man might experience an enlargement of the prostate gland. This can happen if there is an increased level of estrogen in the male’s body. This is not a typical side effect however. Again, if a male is concerned about such an issue, it is advised that he talk it over with a qualified physician.

One of the most common HCG injections side effects is the infection of an injection site. This will only occur if the individual using the injections is not sterilizing the injection site properly or if he or she is not using the products as instructed. Injections should only be placed in the thigh, buttock, or arm. If a dieter is too nervous about using injections, it is recommended that he or she opt for the oral HCG drops instead; these are easier to use and there are no complications associated with injection sites and inappropriate injection methods.

Hcg Costs: Saving Time and Money

When it comes to losing weight, many people are usually swept with the idea of losing weight to the extent of not actually looking to what it might cost in the long run. With some needing equipment to work that can be expensive, while others costing almost nothing as you don’t change a thing. The same thing goes for the HCG diet. With people always assuming only the cost of the HCG most end up always quitting in the middle. Begging the question, how much is HCG diet:

HCG drops/ injection

When it comes to getting on the HCG diet the first thing that should be factored in is the doctor’s appointment. Since this is not a normal appointment as a thorough examination should be taken to see if you are fit enough to actually be on the diet which is about $ 150, this is actually without the HCG drops. If you are given the green light to go ahead and want the HCG diet injection you will then have to pay up to $ 10 for each injection you are to take, thus every week you will part with around 60 dollars for the injections. Also depending on the amount of days you are willing to go on the diet you will pay less or more, with the 21 day diet costing about $ 210. On the other hand the HCG drop liquid diet is a little more expensive; this is due to the fact that you will be using many drops at a time which need constant refills. The HCG drop liquid diet goes for about $450 for the 21 day course. This is however much better since you will not have to stick a needle into yourself every day. In addition had you may also be advised to take the B12 injections into your waist line to give you needed energy and which also help you to get a more defined waistline after the diet. This together with a custom made diet plan for the 45 day diet will cost you an additional $750 dollars, making the cost of the HCG injection diet an even $ 1200 from start to finish. On the other hand this is actually the cost of the HCG without the diet itself.

HCG food diets

When it comes to dieting there are some of the things that you have to stick to, with some being cheaper than others, you might want to choose one that will make you spend a little less. In the case of proteins only chicken, white fish that is tilapia or halibut, Shrimp, Lean beef, Lobster, Steak, Veal and crab are allowed. When it comes to vegetables most are accepted, thus you can choose the one that is easily affordable to you as long as you do not surpass the calorie intake required. On the other hand only four types of fruits can be taken in the HCG diet, thus in the quest of searching how much is HCG diet only oranges, apples, grapefruits and strawberries should be accounted for.

However with constant doctor visits and following the diet as required, you should be able to lose and get to your ideal weight in a matter of days and still be out of harm’s way.