Hcg Diet Injections vs. Drops: 4 Top Tips for Choosing

The Hcg Diet Plan includes a limited number of options for using Hcg. These include, injections, drops and pellets or tablets.  Which one is best?  The correct question is actually, “Which one is best for me!”

Each of these options has been shown to be a legitimate option for the Hcg protocol, so in the end, the choice is up to you. Here is how to decide….

Hcg Injections, Drops and Pellets

Hcg Injections:

This option is the original approach, as outlined by Dr. Simeons in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches. He prescribed all of his patients the same dose, and required the shots to be used daily, along with the 500 calorie menu.  Today’s doctors may recommend subcutaneous injections (just under the skin) or intramuscular (into the muscle.)   SubQ injections require the use of a small needle, such as an insulin syringe. Intramuscular injections, on the other hand, require a longer needle and can be somewhat more uncomfortable.  There are a number of techniques that can be used to ease the discomfort however and most people get over their fear of needles rather quickly, finding it much less of an issue than expected.

Hcg Pellets/Troches and Tablets:

Pellets are troches were the first oral version of prescription Hcg to emerge on the market. These dissolve in the mouth for optimal absorption.  The downside of pellets and troches, are the difficulty in adjusting dosage, should that become necessary. This is because they tend to dissolve when cut. Tablets on the other hand, can be cut and it is relatively simple to adjust dosage. However, tablets tend to start with a much higher dosage to make up for the Hcg lost in the digestion system once swallowed. This can sometimes require a quick dosage adjustment since a dose that is too high for the patient, can result in hunger.  These are a popular option for those who are not eager to try injections.

Hcg Drops:

Liquid Hcg is available in two forms: prescription and homeopathic.  While the FDA is not keen on anything homeopathic, it cannot be argued that there are countless success stories showing that HHCG offers genuine results.  For those who are prefer prescription Hcg, this is available through limited sources, but has a very high success rate.  Like injections, Rx Hcg Drops require a prescription and come with all supplies when purchased through a legitimate telemedicine company.  These are not to be confused with “hormone free diet drops” which do not contain any actual Hcg ingredient.

How to tell if homeopathic drops are legitimate:

This can be found by looking at the label, which should read something like, “active ingredient, hCG 12x, 20x, 30x, 60x” if they are authentic. If they do not have this on the label, and on the website, they are not real.

How to tell if prescription drops are legitimate:

Genuine pharmaceutical-grade Hcg will ALWAYS require a prescription. If they do not, they are not real.  They will come with a prescription on the label, just as a vial of Hcg would for injections.

Where can I purchase the best shots, drops, or pellets?

Since it is essential to have legitimate and safe Hcg for the protocol, it is important to only purchase your Hcg through your local doctor, or through an online telemedicine company that specializes in Hcg for weight loss.

Purchase Hcg from an FDA approved source

This is highly recommended, not only for your weight loss success, but for your personal safety. The FDA requires all US pharmacies to participate in 3rd party testing of their pharmaceutical Hcg.  Each “batch” of Hcg must exceed 92%, or the entire inventory must be destroyed.  In addition, the FDA has extremely high standards and strict regulations in place for preparation and production.  All machinery is tested consistently and specific procedures are required. Not only does this ensure the quality and potency of each Hcg vial, but it ensures each patient’s personal safety.

Purchase Hcg from India or Overseas?

It is NOT recommended that you purchase Hcg from India or other overseas websites claiming to be pharmacies.  These are websites that source counterfeit Hcg from various factories around the world, including the countries of China, Haiti, Pakistan, India, and various other locations that do not offer regulations.  While some individuals may purchase from these sites, it is a very high risk approach.  Nearly all side effects reported from Hcg hormone used for weight loss, resulted from overseas counterfeit Hcg.  In fact, the FDA has reported that nearly all products sold from these sites are fake, or have expired potency labels that have been replaced.

Buy Hcg Injection Kits

When shopping around for HCG injection kits, you are going to find that there are several different kits sold online. You may find a 23 day or 43 day kit. If you buy HCG in bulk by opting for the larger kits, you can save some money on shipping and handling. Larger kits also offer you more of the product for a reduced price. You will find that larger kits are initially a bigger investment however.

So what comes with the HCG injection kits that are sold online in Canada and in the United States? These kits usually contain everything the dieter requires in order to use HCG products on a daily basis. Kits come with enough syringes so that you can use a single syringe every day. You are supplied with a mixing syringe so you can mix the product with the bacterostatic water that is also included in the kit. These kits commonly include alcohol pads so you can sterilize injection sites, and sterile vials to store the product.

The HCG product that you require for mixing however, is sometimes sold as a separate product so you will have to buy it separately. Some HCG injection kits are also sold with the inclusion of B12 vitamin supplements that are added to the HCG product. These kits will also include colloidal silver in liquid form which is premixed with the Vitamin B12.

The basic inclusions in a 23 to 43-day kit include 23 to 43 syringe combos or sterile needles; two sterile vials equaling 33cc units with caps, two mixing syringes, to mixing solvent vials, and fifty alcohol wipes. HCG injection kits come with comprehensive instructions for the products use as well as information detailing how to properly store the product after mixing too. Kits will vary in terms of cost; the variances are based upon kit inclusion, the seller, and the shopper must also give consideration to the costs of product shipping.

Shopping for HCG injection kits on the Internet is highly recommended. This allows the dieter to seek out different sellers, to compare prices, and to compare kit inclusions. It also allows the seller to find a professional HCG product supplier that is reputable. It is recommended that the dieter give consideration to how long he or she will partake of the HCG plan so that the dieter can define exactly how much of the product is needed. Ordering kits in advance is also recommended too, since product shipping can take a few days to several weeks.

Hcg Costs: Saving Time and Money

When it comes to losing weight, many people are usually swept with the idea of losing weight to the extent of not actually looking to what it might cost in the long run. With some needing equipment to work that can be expensive, while others costing almost nothing as you don’t change a thing. The same thing goes for the HCG diet. With people always assuming only the cost of the HCG most end up always quitting in the middle. Begging the question, how much is HCG diet:

HCG drops/ injection

When it comes to getting on the HCG diet the first thing that should be factored in is the doctor’s appointment. Since this is not a normal appointment as a thorough examination should be taken to see if you are fit enough to actually be on the diet which is about $ 150, this is actually without the HCG drops. If you are given the green light to go ahead and want the HCG diet injection you will then have to pay up to $ 10 for each injection you are to take, thus every week you will part with around 60 dollars for the injections. Also depending on the amount of days you are willing to go on the diet you will pay less or more, with the 21 day diet costing about $ 210. On the other hand the HCG drop liquid diet is a little more expensive; this is due to the fact that you will be using many drops at a time which need constant refills. The HCG drop liquid diet goes for about $450 for the 21 day course. This is however much better since you will not have to stick a needle into yourself every day. In addition had you may also be advised to take the B12 injections into your waist line to give you needed energy and which also help you to get a more defined waistline after the diet. This together with a custom made diet plan for the 45 day diet will cost you an additional $750 dollars, making the cost of the HCG injection diet an even $ 1200 from start to finish. On the other hand this is actually the cost of the HCG without the diet itself.

HCG food diets

When it comes to dieting there are some of the things that you have to stick to, with some being cheaper than others, you might want to choose one that will make you spend a little less. In the case of proteins only chicken, white fish that is tilapia or halibut, Shrimp, Lean beef, Lobster, Steak, Veal and crab are allowed. When it comes to vegetables most are accepted, thus you can choose the one that is easily affordable to you as long as you do not surpass the calorie intake required. On the other hand only four types of fruits can be taken in the HCG diet, thus in the quest of searching how much is HCG diet only oranges, apples, grapefruits and strawberries should be accounted for.

However with constant doctor visits and following the diet as required, you should be able to lose and get to your ideal weight in a matter of days and still be out of harm’s way.

Do Hcg Drops Work for Weight Loss?

HCG is known to have cured infertilities in many cases. However, today it is also used to prevent weight gain. The HCG drops claim to shed over a pound each day. But is that true?? Well, we cannot really arrive at a conclusion in this respect unless we go into a detailed analysis of the matter.

First of all, it should be mentioned that HCG helps in losing weight by making the subject eat less without feeling hungry. The drug is combined with calorie cutting to reduce intake of fatty food. With the progress of the course, immunity is expected to develop and dieters restrict calorie consumption by eating less than usual.

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Let us find out how HCG drops is effective in its work:

  • The presence of this HCG in the bloodstream takes your appetite away. We all know that pregnant women often suffer from nausea. The reason is the presence of this hormone in their body. Thus, with the administration of HCG into your body you feel like eating less and can lose weight successfully.
  • HCG triggers a reaction in the hypothalamus (region of brain responsible for sensations like hunger).  As a result, the body does not refuse to remain on low calorie diets. Since this small amount of calories is not sufficient to provide the required energy for performing the various activities of the body, your body will start burning the stored fat for energy.
  • One of the main causes of weight gain is hormone deficiency or hormonal imbalance. Being a pro-hormone, HCG helps in synthesising many other hormones in your body. It is of much help in case of thyroid or menopause. It thus prevents the hormonal imbalance and eventually prevents weight gain.
  • By increasing the level of hormones in the body, HCG helps in anabolism and thus supports muscle-building. It is the mechanism opposite to catabolism which destroys muscles.
  • HCG drops, when enters the body, promotes the transference of fat far away from the areas where they tend to accumulate (such as hips, thighs and belly). Though the patients consume a much lesser number of calories, they never feel weak since the stored fat is burnt up to serve their purposes.

The HCG drops is basically the result of extensive research combining the hormone with low calorie diet. Another thing which must be incorporated into your schedule is stabilization. After a few weeks of low-calorie diet, you should go for stabilization, that is, go for high calorie diets. Otherwise it will not be effective enough.

Thus, it is clearly evident that the HCG drops control hunger and help in losing weight by burning the extra fat present in the body. Buy only best HCG drops for maximum weight loss.

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However, there may be some medical conditions such as fatigue, nausea, irritability, edema (fluid buildup), gynecomastia (formation of man breasts) associated with it. So, it is advisable to take these drops only after consulting a physician. He will suggest whether it will suit you and also the right dosage for the same.

If there is one word that can completely describe the modern society of the 21st century, then it would have to be comfort. Everything that we do and all the technological advancements in our lifetime are geared toward producing a hassle-free life.

Unfortunately, our fixation with comfort has led to an increase in obesity. In fact, obesity is one of the biggest killers of the 21st century as it brings with it a slew of medical illnesses and problems. Fortunately, the same technological advancements have found a solution and that is through the use of HCG drops. It is a hormone produced naturally in the body and is said to promote weight loss. With that being said, there are a couple of things you need to think about on how to choose HCG drops.

Too Good to be True? It Probably Is

When choosing HCG drops, the first thing that you need to write off your list are brands that promise weight loss without doing anything. Products that market themselves as miracle pills are ineffective. With that in mind, look for HCG brands that come with a diet plan. HCG drops increase metabolism which means it enhances the effects of exercise and diets. However, even if you use these drops, if your body doesn’t do any calorie burning or still goes over the recommended calorie intake, then the HCG drops are rendered pointless.

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Trustworthiness is Key

Another thing that you need to watch out for when choosing HCG drops is to go only for a reputable company. Since this is very popular right now, there are a lot of companies wanting to cash in on the popularity by making their own low-quality version. Try to avoid these things as much as possible since the best case is that they won’t work and the worst case is that they are actually harmful for you. Always go for a company you can trust and, if possible, look for consumer feedback and reviews. However, keep in mind that the chemical makeup of every individual varies. This means that what works for them may not work for you for no apparent reason at all.

Safety First

Just like any drugs or medication, HCG drops need to FDA-certified. When looking for HCG drops in the market, you need to make sure that what you are buying has passed the requirements of the federal government. You might be tempted to buy the cheaper, non-accredited ones but when it comes to any sort of medication that you take in your body, safety should always be the number one priority. Buying unaccredited HCG drops puts your health at risk and may not be worth the couple of pounds that you will be losing.

Modern life has afforded us a lot of comfort which has made our lives hassle-free. However, this comes with a price as we are now more lax when it comes to physical activity as we are accustomed to getting everything we want quickly. HCG drops is a good supplement to help you lose weight faster.

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