Buy Hcg Injection Kits

When shopping around for HCG injection kits, you are going to find that there are several different kits sold online. You may find a 23 day or 43 day kit. If you buy HCG in bulk by opting for the larger kits, you can save some money on shipping and handling. Larger kits also offer you more of the product for a reduced price. You will find that larger kits are initially a bigger investment however.

So what comes with the HCG injection kits that are sold online in Canada and in the United States? These kits usually contain everything the dieter requires in order to use HCG products on a daily basis. Kits come with enough syringes so that you can use a single syringe every day. You are supplied with a mixing syringe so you can mix the product with the bacterostatic water that is also included in the kit. These kits commonly include alcohol pads so you can sterilize injection sites, and sterile vials to store the product.

The HCG product that you require for mixing however, is sometimes sold as a separate product so you will have to buy it separately. Some HCG injection kits are also sold with the inclusion of B12 vitamin supplements that are added to the HCG product. These kits will also include colloidal silver in liquid form which is premixed with the Vitamin B12.

The basic inclusions in a 23 to 43-day kit include 23 to 43 syringe combos or sterile needles; two sterile vials equaling 33cc units with caps, two mixing syringes, to mixing solvent vials, and fifty alcohol wipes. HCG injection kits come with comprehensive instructions for the products use as well as information detailing how to properly store the product after mixing too. Kits will vary in terms of cost; the variances are based upon kit inclusion, the seller, and the shopper must also give consideration to the costs of product shipping.

Shopping for HCG injection kits on the Internet is highly recommended. This allows the dieter to seek out different sellers, to compare prices, and to compare kit inclusions. It also allows the seller to find a professional HCG product supplier that is reputable. It is recommended that the dieter give consideration to how long he or she will partake of the HCG plan so that the dieter can define exactly how much of the product is needed. Ordering kits in advance is also recommended too, since product shipping can take a few days to several weeks.

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