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When you are trying to lose weight, you most likely have seen and tried very many diets before. Diets usually come and after a while you find out that the advertisement changes and you start being warned on the type of diet drugs in the market and how you are supposed to look out for the original. The same thing happened to HCG diet. With the diet working for many people counterfeits also have hit the market, thus the need to look out for pure HCG when trying to lose weight.

HCG diet usually works when you take in a low calorie diet in combination with the HCG drops or HCG injections. This way the body is able to lose at least 1pound a day.

Benefits of Hcg Injections for Weight Loss

1. Target abnormal fat

Authentic HCG helps in weight loss by targeting the abnormal stored fat within the body. With the diet ensuring that you take just enough to function in a day, the HCG looks on for the areas you need ironed out in your body.

2. Decreases appetite

Being on the 500 calorie intake for any person can be extremely hard. The counterfeits HCG usually do not have the required amounts to sustain someone within a given day, and as such you may find yourself suffering from hunger pangs. Pharmaceutical HCG on the other hand helps to reduce the hunger pangs, thus ensuring weight lose is achieved and the chances of falling out on the diet are minimal.

3. Healthy energy level

With a pregnant woman carrying new weight around her, this may be tiring and as a result the HCG goes ahead and gives them boundless energy to function on a day to day basis. With the low calorie intake, you may find that you do not have enough energy to do things. However pure HCG gives the energy needed to help you go by your daily routine, as you continue losing weight.

4. Muscle protection

With a restricted calorie intake, you most likely will automatically lose all the weight you need to lose and much more. However this also means that with the fat goes the muscle leaving you frail and susceptible to sickness. Pure HCG helps you to lose the fat in the body while still maintain the muscle in the body, thus you will lose weight fast but also in a healthy way without looking or feeling malnourished.

5. Increases metabolism naturally

Just like in pregnant women the HCG works to break down and speed up metabolism so that there can be enough food for two people. When you take pure HCG you can be sure it will have the same effect on you, thus eliminating the chances of you having food in your system which will be stored.

How to know if the HCG is pure
When it comes to choosing pure HCG from the counterfeits, reading labels is the sanest thing to do as you need about 150 IUs for effective weight loss daily. On the other hand you can go to a HCG clinic so as to be given a prescription by a doctor, thus getting the best from the pack.


The HCG weight loss protocols established by Dr. Simeons and elaborated in the book “Pounds and Inches” provides little allowance for deviations. Not following them strictly or instituting material changes can result to the diet failing to achieve its objectives.

You may not tinker with the 500 calorie a day diet, perhaps cheating a little by eating meals containing more calories than prescribed or deciding to abandon the diet right after the last HCG injection when the procedure specifically mentions that it should cover another 72 hours. You will regret it when you observe that despite the expensive HCG hormone, your weight hardly registers any downward trend.

Then, there is the load up period wherein you are obligated to eat all calorie rich foods you can stand. This is a crucial part of the Homeopathic HCG weight loss program. Disregarding it or doing it halfheartedly can have dire results. Without the additional fats from this period, you will most likely end up too weak to perform your routine activities.

It is understandable for dieters to be tempted to deviate from the protocols of the program particularly from the restrictions of the calorie starved diet. But there are ways to prevent yielding to the temptation difficult or even impossible. Simple ways which do not require a lot of hard work like removing all the foods in the house that are disallowed by the diet or by developing a support group which you can turn to when the going gets rough. You family or close friends will serve the purpose just fine.

Just looking at the recommended diet menu is enough to make a dieter wonder how he can survive on such a limited choices of foods. The drudgery of eating the same foods over and over again for weeks may be enough to make cheating a necessary risk. He or she should follow what others are doing or have done – search for suitable alternatives. The protocol says 500 calories a day; it does not say you have stick to the recommended foods all throughout. You can ask fellow dieters what they did which served the purpose just as well.

How do HCG shots help people lose weight?  First, it should be noted that HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is associated with pregnancy, and the American Medical Association discourages people from using it as weight loss product. Kevin Trudeau has been known to endorse it, though he is not a doctor. If you are looking to lose weight with HCG, and want to know how to get an HCG prescription, then you should consult with a medical professional. This is because you may have factors in your health that may make HCG shots risky. You should let all your doctors know you are taking HCG since it can also be a marker for other types of illness, and you would not want to get a false diagnosis. Most frequently, naturopaths are the doctors who prescribe HCG injections, but you still want to let any doctor or alternative medical provider know if you have other health issues.

HCG Injections are very useful among dieters and they are slowly gaining popularity due to their effectiveness and the results
they produce within a short period use. Due to these facts, many people have come up with online based shops where you can get a better place to purchase the quality ones at reasonable prices. Body builders too rely on the injections since they are so important in improving their overall; body looks. There are cheap hcg injections that works excellently in improving the body and ensuring that you are able to live a longer healthier life.

These injections are termed as the best in the market because they are highly designed and they have low calorie diet dose to ensure that users are gaining better looks as they continue using them. The daily doses that are administered through injections are well known to perfectly help the body by mobilizing fat stores and at the same time promoting muscle growth. It is the best way of developing well built muscles as well as introducing the body to a healthy weight loss diet that leads to burning of excess fats in the body.

Many people make resolution each year to lose weight- they in so much work hard only to give up after some few weeks. The first months of the year are always coupled with challenges since money is also an issue but this should never be the case due to the presence of cheap hcg injections. They are affordable for all and you can easily manage to get ones that work wonders for your body. The injections are beneficial for body builders working on Post Cycle Therapy. This is a hormone which rectifies testicular atrophy which comes as a result of steroid cycle. Patients who are looking forward to losing weight should also put more effort in eating less as they use the injections in order to acquire their desired goals effortlessly and within a short period of time.

Users have reported better outcome after the use of these cheap HCG injections and this is a sure testimony to that the powerful injections works wonders in ensuring that people are able to live a healthier longer life and at the same time maintain good looks as they remain focused to their health goals. The HCG injections are quality ones that meet all the required standards so that users do not have to worry about poor doses that may lead them to live a life of regrets due to imbalanced hormones that may cause more problems to their health. The dose is perfect and does not cause users to experience hunger effect. It is a perfect one that will ensure users are able to run their daily activity without having to experience any discomfort, lethargy at the place of work, vomiting or fatigue.

Always focus on living a better life by knowing the right choices when it comes to maintain and improving your body looks. Never spend more money on scam products while you can get quality, effective and perfect HCG injections at cheaper rates.

Purchasing Quality Hcg Injection Kits

The HCG injection kit is an important product that has the best of quality; it has been designed to help in freeing of fats, burning fats and evaluation through the kidneys. The kit is known to serve an important role in developing of the body and ensuring that users are in a better position to live a healthier life.

There are different types of hcg injection kits, there is the 23 days injection kit and the 43 day injection kit. The 23 day kit has some important components to help you live a healthier life and manage your weight loss goals. It has sterile 28G 1cc needles for insulin and perfect 10 ML mixing syringe. It also has a 10ML of sealed sterile glass together with some alcohol prep pads and 30ML of bacteriostatic water. All these components are very useful in helping you achieve your weight loss goals and be in a better position to maintain and develop your body perfectly. Patients are always asked to observe the dose as illustrated in the dose within the days specified. The kit should also be used carefully since every component serves an important role.

The syringes have marks to indicate the levels of HCG dose that users should measure so that you do not end up using too little or more. These measurements are so important in making the body function perfectly. The daily dosing gives a maximum dose of fill syringe which should be followed effectively.

The 43 day HCG injection kit has some good portions of sterile of 28G insulin needles, mixing syringes, clear sterile glass and bacteriostatic water. It is an important one for those going for the 43 days and the users are always advised to keep watch of the dose procedure and to follow the plan as indicated. It works perfectly to improve the health of users due to its quality nature. It is so important when used according to the instructions given by the manufactures. It is so effective and according to reviews of HCG1234 from users, majority report positive results within a short time of use. They meet the standards that are required in the market. Through this, there are better developments that have enabled majority of people who were once overweight to start viewing life from a better scale as they start acquiring better looking bodies.

There is the 33 day injection kit and the 53 day injection kit. It is always important to do a research on their functionality and to select one that meets your objectives. The kits are designed by a team of professionals who come up with the best products so that you can be able to achieve your health goals though a simple successful and better process. As the kits continue to gain a lot of popularity, there is better response to their effectiveness and what they offer to users. They are medically approved and they are well designed with the best products that do not cause irritation or induce harmful chemicals to the body. Live healthier by observing the best steps as you look forward to maintain your good looks.


How to Purchase HCG Injections

When you purchase hCG injections, you will need more than needles and the hCG product. If you purchase all of your equipment in advance, you will be ready for properly mixing hCG, and you will be able to maintain product quality. Here are some of the things you will need to guarantee successful hCG product application.

When you purchase hCG injections, you will want to invest in quality syringes. The best syringes are self sheathing; they help you in preventing an injury from occurring. You will need needles and syringes for daily application. Needles are not reused, so you will want to stock up on the needles and syringes you require. You can buy them separately or in a kit. Determine how many days you will be on the injections then purchase the appropriate kit. You can choose from the 23 or 43 day kits offered online by many reputable companies.

As you are looking to purchase hCG injections, you will find that there are two different types of kits: the intramuscular kit or the subcutaneous kit. The intramuscular kit option typically has larger syringes and needles than those offered in the subcutaneous kit. The intramuscular kit also allows for speedier absorption of the product. Nevertheless, the subcutaneous and the intramuscular kits are equally effective in getting the product into the dieter’s system. Basically, the type of injection you choose is based on preference alone.

Alcohol pads are also necessary when you purchase hCG injections and supplies. There are some pads that come in the kit that you buy, but you may want to buy extras for cleaning the work area where you mix the product. These pads can be purchased inexpensively, and you can get a box of over 200 pads for under $10.00 in many cases.

HCG injection Kits usually include bacteriostatic water too, but you may want to purchase extra so you have it on hand. You can get it in 30 milliliter vials. This type of container is sufficient for multiple dose creations. The bottle can be repeatedly used when you are using sanitary needles to withdraw the product from it. Meanwhile, you may also feel the need to order extra glass vials for the purposes of mixing. While some vials will be included in some kits, you can purchase these items separately as well. They are commonly sold in 10 cc and 30 cc sizes.

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

When you are thinking about HCG injections for weight loss, you will want to make yourself fully aware of the safety considerations associated with the use of injections. There are measures you will have to take before, during, and after each daily injection of the product to ensure that you are using the injections correctly. By following a few safety considerations, you can also ensure that you do not get an infection, and that your HCG dieting endeavors are unhindered by undesirable complications.

Injection site cleanliness: It’s a given that the site of the injection must be thoroughly clean. When using HCG injections for weight loss, you may want to wash the area with antibacterial soap first. You can then take an alcohol pad and rub it around on the injection area in a rapid, circular motion. Give the alcohol a few minutes to dry before proceeding with an injection. To ease any potential pain that you might experience during the injection, you can ice the area before cleaning it, and you can pinch the skin to reduce pain as you pierce through the skin.

Post injection care: After an injection is completed, you may have a bit of bleeding at the injection area. You will want to apply pressure on the area for a few seconds to stop any bleeding. You can then cover it with a small round band aid if you desire to help keep it free of infection. If you do experience any tenderness at the site later, use ice to reduce the inflammation and tenderness. When you are using HCG injections for weight loss, you will also have to rotate where you insert injections. You can do this by using your thigh one day, you arm the next, your buttock the next, and so on; this will reduce the chances of experiencing with extensive tenderness at injection sites.

Equipment use and disposal:
As you are ordering HCG injections for weight loss and the equipment you need to use the product, consider buying needles that have self sheathing properties. This will help you in preventing accidental injury before you actually get to use an injection. It will also help in preventing accidental needle contamination before it is used. You may also want to buy an appropriate container for the disposal of used needles or sharps. Instead of investing in a special sharps disposal container, you can use an old cardboard milk container to dispose of old needles with safety.



Notes and Special Information

Special note: Nothing on this site should be considered to be medical advice! Always ask a licensed physician for the best information. Many people swear by HCG but it is a hormone and as such has side effects that you may or may not want to experience. You can also lose weight by changing what you eat, and the HCG diet is part of this change.