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Buying HCG Drops is going to be faster, more effective and cheaper 100% of the time if you do it online and not stores. Why is this?  Because REAL Hcg cannot be purchased in local stores. In fact, there are only two options for purchasing legitimate liquid Hcg drops:

  1. Prescription Hcg drops.
  2. Homeopathic Hcg drops.

Both are available online. Prescription drops are only available through Nu Image Medical, an FDA approved telemedicine company.  These can be purchased here:

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We want to make sure you have the best experience on your hcg drops diet as possible. So we have taken the guess work out of it by ranking the top 6 HCG Drops brands on the market today to give you the best HCG diet reviews. We have evaluated them based on how easy they are to use, how good their customer service is and what their ratings are with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports. We don’t want you trying any HCG Drops brands unless they are safe, affordable and deliver results. It’s your time to lose the weight, we just want to make it as easy as possible.

Rating 5/5 **Editors Choice

Triumph is the worlds largest HCG diet support products supplier and is a legitimate source for homeopathic Hcg drops. If you are new to the HCG diet plan than now would be a good time for you to know that during the longer phases of the diet you are only allowed 500 calories per day, on most plans. Hcg Triumph has a patented blend that allows you to eat more while still burning fat stores as well as an amazing support staff that they make available to you 24 hours a day even if you don’t buy the HCG online from them but got your hcg drops in stores.

Homeopathic Hcg Drops

The HCG homeopathy drops as an effective diet has been on the increase in the last few years garnering enthusiasts and pessimists in almost equal measures. However with so many s8uccess stories many people are turning to it as a means of quick safe weight loss alternative. However with medical research experts drawing attention to it, many people are hesitating on its use. Nonetheless what exactly does the HCG homeopathy drops entail?


Concept of HCG homeopathy drops

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone contained in the development and nutrition of the human fetus is manufactured chemically. As with the fetus, the HCG homeopathy drops regulates fat release in the blood stream and in effect it helps reduce fat. The whole concept is built on regulation of ones on bodily reaction to increase or decrease in insulin in the blood stream. Controlling of amount of fat that goes in the blood stream enables the system functions to kick in and thus enable the use of excess body fat which is burned for fuel instead of being converted to fat. This in turn helps you lose considerable amount of fat in a short time for a leaner you

So is the HCG homeopathy drop and diet another fad diet?

To answer that one has to look at what are the various factors that classify a procedure of weight loss as fad diet. As expected with many diets one gets to lose a lot of weight, bordering on dangerous levels within a short time. This is what the HCG homeopathy drops promise; nonetheless it has more to it. As expected one gets to eat a mere 500 calories a day, this regardless of an individual will lead to weight loss. However as expected the ravaging hunger pangs are excruciating. With the intake of HCG homeopathy drops, this element is taken care of as the drops work as an appetite suppressant limiting cravings and desire of eating more than recommended amounts. This in turn makes it different from other diets

Common complaint recorded after stop of use of HCG drops is weight gain. Though common it is attributes to lack of weight maintenance strategy rather than fail of diet. As expected after living on 500 calories a day some weight gain is to be expected but at most three to five pounds. Many people have taken to reverting to their lifestyle and overall eating habits of eating fatty processed food stuffs thus sabotage all their efforts. A complete lifestyle and dietary change is advocated for it to work in the long run. Changing of to healthier lifestyle and exercising while making better food choices will ensure that ideal desired body weight and measurements are maintained.

Benefits of using the HCG homeopathy drops

The main benefit of HCG homeopathy drops is the fact that quick effective weight loss is achieved. Nonetheless this is achieved with virtually no hunger pangs or cravings as the appetite suppressant take effect. What is more it enables overall body hormonal balance in the body and thus promotes overall body wellness. Nonetheless due diligence on your part as an individual is called upon before embarking on weight loss journey using the HCG homeopathy drop.