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Does HCG Drops for Weight Loss Work?

HCG is known to have cured infertilities in many cases. However, today it is also used to prevent weight gain. The HCG drops claim to shed over a pound each day. But is that true?? Well, we cannot really arrive at a conclusion in this respect unless we go into a detailed analysis of the matter.

First of all, it should be mentioned that HCG helps in losing weight by making the subject eat less without feeling hungry. The drug is combined with calorie cutting to reduce intake of fatty food. With the progress of the course, immunity is expected to develop and dieters restrict calorie consumption by eating less than usual.

Let us find out how HCG drops is effective in its work:

  • The presence of this HCG in the bloodstream takes your appetite away. We all know that pregnant women often suffer from nausea. The reason is the presence of this hormone in their body. Thus, with the administration of HCG into your body you feel like eating less and can lose weight successfully.
  • HCG triggers a reaction in the hypothalamus (region of brain responsible for sensations like hunger).  As a result, the body does not refuse to remain on low calorie diets. Since this small amount of calories is not sufficient to provide the required energy for performing the various activities of the body, your body will start burning the stored fat for energy.
  • One of the main causes of weight gain is hormone deficiency or hormonal imbalance. Being a pro-hormone, HCG helps in synthesising many other hormones in your body. It is of much help in case of thyroid or menopause. It thus prevents the hormonal imbalance and eventually prevents weight gain.
  • By increasing the level of hormones in the body, HCG helps in anabolism and thus supports muscle-building. It is the mechanism opposite to catabolism which destroys muscles.
  • HCG drops, when enters the body, promotes the transference of fat far away from the areas where they tend to accumulate (such as hips, thighs and belly). Though the patients consume a much lesser number of calories, they never feel weak since the stored fat is burnt up to serve their purposes.

The HCG drops is basically the result of extensive research combining the hormone with low calorie diet. Another thing which must be incorporated into your schedule is stabilization. After a few weeks of low-calorie diet, you should go for stabilization, that is, go for high calorie diets. Otherwise it will not be effective enough.

Thus, it is clearly evident that the HCG drops control hunger and help in losing weight by burning the extra fat present in the body. Buy only best HCG drops for maximum weight loss.

However, there may be some medical conditions such as fatigue, nausea, irritability, edema (fluid buildup), gynecomastia (formation of man breasts) associated with it. So, it is advisable to take these drops only after consulting a physician. He will suggest whether it will suit you and also the right dosage for the same.

How to Choose HCG Drops

If there is one word that can completely describe the modern society of the 21st century, then it would have to be comfort. Everything that we do and all the technological advancements in our lifetime are geared toward producing a hassle-free life.

Unfortunately, our fixation with comfort has led to an increase in obesity. In fact, obesity is one of the biggest killers of the 21st century as it brings with it a slew of medical illnesses and problems. Fortunately, the same technological advancements have found a solution and that is through the use of HCG drops. It is a hormone produced naturally in the body and is said to promote weight loss. With that being said, there are a couple of things you need to think about on how to choose HCG drops.
Too Good to be True? It Probably Is

When choosing HCG drops, the first thing that you need to write off your list are brands that promise weight loss without doing anything. Products that market themselves as miracle pills are ineffective. With that in mind, look for HCG brands that come with a diet plan. HCG drops increase metabolism which means it enhances the effects of exercise and diets. However, even if you use these drops, if your body doesn’t do any calorie burning or still goes over the recommended calorie intake, then the HCG drops are rendered pointless.

Trustworthiness is Key

Another thing that you need to watch out for when choosing HCG drops is to go only for a reputable company. Since this is very popular right now, there are a lot of companies wanting to cash in on the popularity by making their own low-quality version. Try to avoid these things as much as possible since the best case is that they won’t work and the worst case is that they are actually harmful for you. Always go for a company you can trust and, if possible, look for consumer feedback and reviews. However, keep in mind that the chemical makeup of every individual varies. This means that what works for them may not work for you for no apparent reason at all.

Safety First

Just like any drugs or medication, HCG drops need to FDA-certified. When looking for HCG drops in the market, you need to make sure that what you are buying has passed the requirements of the federal government. You might be tempted to buy the cheaper, non-accredited ones but when it comes to any sort of medication that you take in your body, safety should always be the number one priority. Buying unaccredited HCG drops puts your health at risk and may not be worth the couple of pounds that you will be losing.

Modern life has afforded us a lot of comfort which has made our lives hassle-free. However, this comes with a price as we are now more lax when it comes to physical activity as we are accustomed to getting everything we want quickly. HCG drops is a good supplement to help you lose weight faster.

Sample Phase 2 Recipes

phase 2 recipes

The HCG diet like most diets may seem boring and very restrictive at first. However the fact that HCG original diet does not have a specific kind of food you should be taking, gives you certain freedoms that normally do not come with other diets. With the instructions only bending on the amount of calories you are to take, you do not have to stick to a particularly diet day after day just because you are dieting. Below are a sample of phase 2 recipes you can use in your weight lose journey:


During breakfast you can go ahead and take tea or coffee depending on what you are usually accustomed to. However no sugar is permitted in the morning beverage, to make it tasty though you may add additives like Stevia. In the case of sweet and low add only one packet as it has more sugar than other supplements available in the market, to be on the safe side use of only Stevia is recommended. To ensure you have enough energy to push you through the morning session you can take a fruit, the most recommended is � of grapefruit or an orange. Eating of cooked food while in the HCG diet in the morning is a bad idea as you will most likely eat more calories than you expect.


During lunch hour, you may find that you have a little more freedom than during breakfast. As this is where you should eat protein. With the diet recommending at least 100 grams of protein a day, it basically becomes your choice to choose what kind you want but check on the fat content as it should be less than 7%. The sample phase 2 recipes permitted during lunch are proteins consisting of lean meat, fish, chicken, shrimp. Choosing beef may seem a big step as most beef has a lot of fat in it, thus is you do not know how to estimate fat content it is better to steer clear of it, salmon fish and cat fish, eel and tuna are some of the other types of fish that you should not take while in the HCG diet. You should also eat one vegetable for lunch, as most vegetables are high in fiber you will feel full more quickly and for longer. For carbohydrates you can choose Melba toast or bread stick to cover you on that but ensure you go for the one with no additives at all, which can be found in almost any store. Since fruit is always a must, you may want to go for variety either an apple, 1/2 grapefruit or 7 strawberries, ensure you only eat one a day and not all at the same time.


Dinner usually constitutes everything you have eaten for lunch, but you have the option of switching them around. If you had eaten fish during lunch chicken may just be what you need.

However when it comes to calorie counting, ensure that what you eat at breakfast is always less than 100 calories, so that you can divide the rest of the 400 calories between lunch and dinner. For vegetables always go for something that has very low calories such as lettuce, cabbage or spinach. This way you will be able to stick to the whole diet without a problem.

Sample 1200 Calorie Diet

1200 calorie diet

The sample 1200 calorie diet is the recommended diet for healthy weight loss. a reduction in the amount of calories consumed each day enables the body to experience a caloric deficit that leads to the body using up the fat reserves as energy which in turn leads to weight loss. The reason why the sample 1200 calorie diet is recommended by nutritionists is the fact that it is the diet that ensures you get all your nutritional requirements while still burning fat which contributes to healthy weight loss. With this type of diet, it is not necessary to have a medical supervisor but it is recommendable.

The sample 1200 calorie diet requires you to know the amount of calories contained in each food you consume during the day. This is very important because it enables you to keep a caloric count that ensures you do not go beyond 1200 calories in a day. There are various books and different online applications that give caloric contents of different foods which makes it easy for you to count all the calories you consume. Other sources may guide you on how to measure different foods in order to know how much calories they contain. This is another way to keep a good calorie count.

Sample 1200 calorie diet does not have any recommended foods. However, it is very advisable to maintain a healthy diet if you want to see great results while on this diet. For instance, it is advisable to avoid eating processed foods. This is because most processed foods contain a lot of ingredients which make them have too many calories which may make it difficult for you to do your caloric counts since most of them do not give the exact calories in the food. It is also advisable to ensure you eat fruits and vegetables more often since they are high in fiber and therefore keep you full for a longer time compared to other types of foods.

It is advisable to engage in frequent physical activity while on the sample 1200 calorie diet. This is because physical activity enables you to burn more fat by increasing your metabolic rate. However, it is important not to engage in very intense physical activity. This is because the energy your body gets from a 1200 calorie diet is not enough to sustain long periods on intense exercise. Intense exercise on a 12oo calorie diet may make you experience dizziness and weakness due to lack of energy.

There are various advantages you get from the sample 1200 calorie diet. First and foremost, it is a good way to lose weight as it creates an energy defcit in the body. The other advantage is that this diet is cost effective since it does not require any money unless you have to get a calorie measuring tool. Last but not least, this diet motivates you since you are able to lose weight with it. the only disadvantage of the sample 1200 calorie diet is the fact that it is tideous since you have to measure calories every time.

In general, the 1200 calorie diet is highly recommended by nutritionist as a healthy weight loss diet. It is therefore advisable to start your weight loss journey on this diet.

Sample 800 Calorie Diet

800 calorie

Obesity is a problem that a lot of people face in society today. It is very difficult for an obese person to lose weight as fast as a person who is of the average weight and requires losing just a few pounds. In most cases, obese people may lose weight but it may still be difficult to notice the change since they still have a lot to lose. The sample 800 calorie diet is mostly recommended to individuals who have a Body Mass Index above 30. This is because a caloric deficiency enables their bodies to use up the stored fat as energy which contributed to weight loss.

Generally, the minimum amount of calories men and women should have is 1500 and 1200 respectively. It is therefore advisable for every individual who intends to lose weight on the sample 800 calorie diet to seek medical advice and ensure that they are always on a medical supervision. This is because an 800 calorie diet is too low for the body. Medical supervision enables the person to be advised on different ways to cater for their energy deficits in order to avoid serious health problems as a result of very low caloric diets.

Sample 800 calorie diet contains several features. First and foremost, the person is required to keep away from junk food and other high calorie content foods. In most cases, individuals on the 800 calorie diet maintain their energy from nutrition bars and shakes. There is strictness about the kind of foods a person on an 800 calorie diet can eat. For instance, they are supposed to eat lean meat only since other types of meat are considered bad for the health and weight loss. The types of fruits and vegetables eaten are also very well selected. They are chosen depending on how many calories they have. The fruits and vegetables with the least amount of calories are recommended.
With the sample 800 calorie diet, an individual loses about 5lbs in a week. This is a very important for obese individuals because it enables them to be able to overcome different obesity related problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks. It is also important in boosting a person’s confidence and enabling them to keep up with the exercise and healthy lifestyle. Most people on this diet get drug treatments in order to prevent health issues. However, this depends on the way a person’s body responds to the diet.

There are several side effects that should be expected when on the sample 500 calorie diet. It is possible to experience nausea, dizziness, fatigue and diarrhea. This is probably because the body is not receiving the right amount of energy it is supposed to. This is why it is advisable to have medical supervision when on this diet.

Once you stop the sample 800 calorie diet, it is possible to regain all the weight lost since the body will respond to this change. It is therefore advisable to ensure you maintain physical activity and a healthy way of eating once you are off the diet.

Sample 500 calorie diet

500 calorie

A 500 calorie diet is a weight loss diet that requires you to eat only 500 calories in a day. It is very different from other calorie restricted diets in the sense that the amount of food you it is very little. However, with the sample 500 calorie diet, you get to eat healthy food that is quite satisfying which prevents you from getting hungry from time to time. this type of diet requires you to be very careful with what you eat since you are strictly supposed to stay within the 500 calorie zone in a day. The diet is very effective for weight loss.

One of the most popular sample 500 calorie diets is the HCG diet. This diet has proven to be very successful for a lot of people. In the HCG diet, there is a phase where the individual is required to maintain a 5oo calorie diet. The diet includes very strict rules on the types of food the individual should eat. For breakfast, you are required to limit it to coffee or tea. Lunch and dinner contain a 100g serving of meat and some vegetables. The type of vegetables you get to eat are also restricted to those that do not contain a lot of calories such as cabbage and spinach. The same case applies to fruits; you can only eat low calorie fruits such as oranges and strawberries.

The HCG sample 500 calorie diet takes a period of 40 days where you are required to be strictly on a 500 calories diet at all times. During this time, a lot of people are expected to reach their weight loss goals since their bodies are at a caloric deficit and therefore use the fat stores as energy sources. However, in the HCG diet, if you do not manage to attain your goals, you are advised to repeat the diet for another 40 days. However, you should repeat the diet after a period of 6 weeks where you make sure you are not on any diet. This is because the sample 500 calorie diet can be harmful to your health if done for a very long period of time.

The sample 500 calorie diet is very effective for weight loss because it creates a very large caloric deficit in the body. Although the weight loss is rapid with this diet, it is very advisable that you do not overdo it since it is not healthy. Experts advise individuals to lose utmost 2lbs each week. This is the healthy way to lose weight.

There are various side effects you should expect if you are on the sample 500 calorie diet. Nausea, constipation, dizziness and fatigue are some of the common symptoms. This is because the body is not receiving enough energy as it is required to. It is also possible to have gall stones which happen due to the presence of cholesterol in the gall bladder.

In conclusion, although the 500 calorie diet is effective for weight loss, it is important for anyone with the intention to try it out to have medical supervison.

Phases of HCG diet

phases of HCG Diet

HCG diet plan has been popular to many people due to its incredible results. Patients have been able to lose weight that has been a bother to them for so many years within a short time. So what is this that is entailed in HCG diet phases? What is the big secret? It is three phases; phase 1 to phase 3. Let us take a look at them.

Phase 1.

In most cases we never take this phase seriously. We overlook it and probably it is the most important phase. This is where it should start regardless of whether you have been through HCG diet before or not. Together with HCG intake, for two to three days, one is supposed to have high fat and caloric intake. As you consume high fat foods, your body will try do deposit new fat cells. HCG hormone on the other hand, will work against this by stopping it. As a result, your body releases and mobilizes the fat cells and lipids instead of keeping them. The time you will begin taking the HCG diet, the mobilized lipids translate to adverse weight loss. You can register a loss of 10lbs in these first days. During this first phase, you are advised to take HCG drops and injections. From the fourth day onwards, you are supposed take the HCG diet and never at any point should you stop. The last bite of your diet should be before your rest phase.

Phase 2.

This is the hardest phase for most people. When adhered to, it can work well. Basically, it is about physical food but the strictness is what makes it a challenge. You are needed to have a strict consumption of five to seven hundred calories in a day. Fish and chicken are fine for this phase. Tea and coffee are good for breakfast and major foods for lunch and super. There are so many recipes which can guide you to prepare a considerable amount of whichever meal you will want. A combination of a low calorie intake HCG diet with HCG intake can make you part with 50lbs in sixty days. You lose weight at a high rate during the period between 5-10 days in this period. The rate of weight loss drops from the tenth day of the phase. You start losing 0.5 pounds in a day and so on. This is the phase that you shed off most weight.

Phase 3.

Rest. This stage starts in the 43rd day to the 60th day depending on the regime followed. Many people start smiling once they reach here, it is their favorite. Note that it is as important as any other phase. Calorie intake is taken back to 1200-1500 a day. A diet plan referred to as stability phase is what is taken and the HCG is stopped. The point is to clear HCG from the body before another regime is started. There has to be a minimal of 23 days between the complete HCG-free body and a new regime. This period is for training your body to shed weight on its own, not from the HCG intake alone. For individuals who aim at shedding over 30lbs, this is the most essential phase. This is because multiple regimes are necessary. You just ensure that you take the specific foods for this phase and shun from high fat and dairy foods. Your phase is going to be fantastic and from here, you can get prepared to begin again.

Phase 3 of HCG Diet

phase 3

Phase 3 of HCG diet is the final phase of the diet. This phase is the wrap up of the entire diet and comes after the 500 calorie diet that is phase 2. When you are on phase 2 of this diet, your body is adapted to the HCG drops and the 500 calorie diet. After 40 days, you are required to enter into phase 3 in order to get your body back to normal. Phase 3 is therefore a very important phase of the diet. Transitioning to phase 3 requires you to stop taking the HCG drops since they should be taken for a period of 45 days. It is therefore advisable to continue with phase 2 for 2 more days to make it a total of 45 days.

Once you are on phase 3 of HCG diet, you get to eat as you normally would without having to take the drops. The main rule of this phase is to make sure you keep away from refined sugars and starches. This is because these two types of foods contain a lot of calories since they are energy giving foods. Avoiding these foods therefore enables you to maintain a healthy body weight.

Phase 3 of HCG diet takes a period of about 4 weeks. In this 4 week period, you get to eat different foods from different food groups unlike the second phase. However, it is very advisable to ensure you choose the foods carefully. You may benefit a lot from avoiding processed foods since they contain a lot of calories and are not satisfactory as other foods. When the four week period is over, you can choose to start the diet again supposing you did not reach your desired weight loss goal the first time. if you do not feel the need to do so, it is advisable to check the amount of calories you eat in order to maintain the weight loss results you got from the diet.

There are several things you are not supposed to do in phase 3 of HCG diet. First and foremost, like mentioned earlier, you are supposed to refrain from consuming refined sugars and starches which can be found in most foods that have undergone a manufacturing process or some processing of some sort. The other thing is to avoid too much exercise as it makes you eat a lot of food. You should also avoid over the counter medications and skipping meals. Last but not least, you should avoid all foods that are not mentioned in the HCG diet plan since they are bound to make you fall of the wagon.

In conclusion, phase 3 of HCG diet is the final phase of the diet that enables you to resume your normal eating habits after achieving great weight loss success. However, this does not mean you should not pay attention to what you eat. It is important to keep track of your calorie intake and weight loss and weight gain in order to keep on track. Doing this enables you to maintain the weight loss for an extended period of time.

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet

phase 2

After having been in existence for the past 50 year or so years, the HCG diet has proven to be among the most important and efficient protocols that people can use when they are looking to lose weight. However, for those that might not have had the best of success with this protocol, much of the blame is laid on their lack of knowledge about the phases of the diet and what is required in these phases. One of the most important of these phases that is estimated to help people lose anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds is phase 2 and it is also among the more sensitive phases.

After Phase 1 which is a detox period in which one seeks to prepare their body for the HCG diet protocol, Phase 2 kicks in in a rather but equally important fashion.

Loading period. 

The loading period is usually the first two days of the phase. Here, one is expected to load on fatty foods for the two days before they can start dosing on the HCG. These fats are vital in a variety of ways and one of these ways is to help you stave off hunger once you get started on the very low calorie diet which is about 500 calories per day. After this, the rather challenging part starts.

Step 2. 

After the 3 days of loading or gorging as it is also known, you now start on the VLCD (very low calorie diet) that is usually clocked at 500 calories at most and at the same time continuing with your HCG diet. Keep in mind that during this period that can take a maximum of 40 days, you will be required to drink a lot and it is also recommended that one takes potassium which is vital in helping reduce cramps, hunger pangs and can also help with sleep. This is also encouraged because all the potassium in the body is excreted together with the water hence this helps to replenish the system. The number of doses of HCG that one should take on this phase depend on the amount of weight that you would like to shed. Those seeking to shed about 15 pounds should take about 23 effective doses after the loading period is over and those that are seeking to lose about 30 pounds should take 40 doses.

Step 3. 

After successfully completing the dosages, this is when the third stage of phase 2 should kick in. After you have taken your last HCG dose, you should make sure that you stick to the VLCD for the next 72 hours. This helps your body to get rid of the remaining HCG traces in your body.

It is important to note that the recommended period that one should stay on this phase is 40 days. This is so that one does not become immune to the HCG which can be characterized by some very uncomfortable symptoms like severe hunger, weakness and fatigue. It is also vital for women to know that they should not take the HCG dose during their menstruation period and much emphasis is placed on one following the diet strictly pound for pound without supplementing. This is so that the protocol is able to work properly and efficiently.

HCG injection and drops for weight loss

hcg injections

Over the past two years or so the use of new innovative means like the HCG diet has been on the increase. Hundreds of people are now turning to this virtually painless and stress free method of losing weight. Having before existed in only injection form, the HCG is now available in a number of means including HCG drops to aid users in the struggle for weight loss. This has made it even more available to the hundreds of people who want a quick and effective method of losing weight.

The promise

HCG known in full as human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural occurring hormone in the placenta of a pregnant woman. This hormone is responsible for fat absorption and manipulation thus used in the development of fetus. Studies have backed up claims that with its intake you can easily manipulate fat stored in the body. So what exactly does the HCG drops and HCG injection promise? With the refining of the HCG product, this product promises tremendous results within a few short days. Most promise a minimum amount of 45 pounds in 45 days translating to a pound a day. However some promise as much as three pounds a day a desire that over weight and obese people want to achieve


Just as in the use of fetus and placenta, the HCG hormone especially reviews of hcg1234 the diet in order for you to achieve the desired weight loss. The drops and injection are designed in such a way that they are to be taken at the least time period of twenty minutes before meal times. The injections on the other hand are to be injected twice a day not necessarily before meals. This has proved successful in the manipulation of fat this limiting amount that is to be stored as excessive. It has also proven useful in manipulation and use of previously stored fat cells that are thus used in the production of energy of the body. Being a medical condition this injection and drops should not be bought over the counter from unlicensed individuals as it can dangerous to one’s health

So does it work?

So far people who have embarked in the use of HCG drops and injections have seen positive results. This is largely due to the fact that HCG suppresses appetite of an individual making one less susceptible to hunger pangs and overeating. As this is expected it is accompanied by a low calorie diet of 500 calories or less that ensures that one cannot gain weight during the period. This in effect causes weight loss in just a few weeks of its use as calories used are more than calorie intake. This side effect is one of the most desirable effects for someone wanting to lose weight, as a fact one will not be grappling with intense hunger pains and cravings of unhealthy food products. Afterwards leading a more healthy lifestyle with a desirable body is more achievable thus HCG drops and HCG injections for weight loss is the thus the secret formula to weight loss.